Reflections on a Clean Bedroom and Sleep

January 22, 2013

This is a totally random topic, but I recently had this huge 'Ah-Ha'!

Over the recent holidays I was sick with a virus, as was half the population. The resulting fatigue actually kept me close to my bed for five days…pretty much a record.

During this sojourn I got out of bed for an hour or two each day, but didn't go far. Spending all this time in my bedroom had an interesting spinoff: my chest of drawers, side table and shelves became a total irritant to me as I knew only too well the mess and disorder just under the surface. Years of jamming stuff into any nook or cranny with space had created an invisible hoarding situation. These areas started screaming at me. The silence was deafening.

So tentatively, I emptied the first drawer, sorted and culled. It felt oddly satisfying. Each day I moved on to another couple of these 'rat's nests", until at the end of my bed rest I had successfully circumnavigated the room, tidying up all the clutter.

Herein lies the point of this whimsy…that night, after the tidy-up was finished, I had the best sleep that I have had in years. I noted it, and as a terrible insomniac, was delighted by it, but my analysis ended there.

But the next night, another good sleep, and another…the change was too marked to be ignored. After some careful reflection I realized that the one significant change was the removal of the clutter from my sleeping quarters.

I have often heard that uncluttering your basement leads to an increased ability to be organized and an overall lightness. My 'ah-ha' purports that having an uncluttered and well organized bedroom can lead to better and easier sleep.

Great silver lining to having the flu.