Which Surfaces & Areas You Should Be Disinfecting The Most

July 8, 2020

We have been hearing it for months and it has been engraved in our brains: clean and disinfect commonly used areas to help fight the spread of COVID-19. These areas may seem like no brainers but there might be some that you are forgetting.

Common used areas can vary for different households but here are some we think you should be disinfecting often (and might be missing).

In every room of your home, these are areas you should be disinfecting daily:

  • Doorknobs. Every time you enter or leave or room this is a surface you touch. Be sure to disinfect doorknobs in your home and the ones outside facing.

  • Locks and deadbolts. Just as you are touching doorknobs constantly, every time you lock your door this surface is also being touched. Don’t forget to wipe it down

  • Light switches. Just like doorknobs you tap a light switch daily to turn a light on or off, or activate a fan.

  • Thermos or temperature control unit. With the weather warming up some of us are reaching to blast the A/C. Wipe down any buttons or your dial to ensure any germs are zapped away.

In your bathroom and kitchen:

  • Sink faucets. We normally don’t wash our hands when they are clean and therefore our taps can be littered with germs. Wipe your faucet often with a disinfectant wipe or spray with a cleaner.

  • Your sink. Just like your faucet, your sink sees a lot of grime from your hands, face, and any groceries you wash. Make sure to not overlook this area.

  • Any counter or hard surface. There is no denying that we all place things here and there without a second thought. From groceries to hair products to even pets who know no bounds, our counters have seen it all.

General cleaning practices:

  • Towels and fabric. While there is mixed evidence that COVID can live on fabric, replacing your kitchen and washroom towels regularly does not hurt.

  • Tables and desks. As a high number of us move to work from home we now have a new workspace. Keep your workspace clean by removing any built up dust and cleaning high hand traffic areas.

  • Computers, handheld devices & remotes. Let’s face it, we have had a lot of time on our hands since this pandemic started and we have turned to Netflix and started our journey of working from home. But, if you are being honest with yourself, can you remember the last time you cleaned your computer, your iPhone, or TV remote? If you can’t, it’s due for a wipe down.

We’re not all perfect and we will forget to clear some areas along the way, but consider making a cleaning checklist to keep you on track.

If you’re ever unsure about what product you should be using to clean we have you covered.