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2 Housekeepers Needed for a 1100 Square Foot Home in Greensboro, NC Biweekly on Sundays (Located in North East Greensboro near the Science Center off Lawndale Avenue and not far from North Elm Street/Pisgah Church) Most important: 1. I REQUIRE 2 INSURED HOUSEKEEPERS BIWEEKLY ON SUNDAYS. 2. IDEALLY, I WOULD LIKE TO COMPLETE THE HIRING PROCESS IMMEDIATELY. 3. PUNCTUALITY IS IMPORTANT. 4. RELIABILITY IS ALSO IMPORTANT. Cleaning List May 2016 Home is 1100 square feet located in Lake Jeanette Greensboro, NC. Only 1 person and 3 cats live here. FOYER/DEN 1. Spot clean carpet. 2. Store all games on shelves. 3. Remove all DVDs and store in office cabinet or closet. (Every 3 months.) 4. Dust lighting fixtures. 5. Clean ceiling fan. 6. Dust fireplace. 7. Wash walls and trim (Every 3 months) 8. Wash doors, knobs and switch plates. (Every 3 months) 9. Wash other furnishings such as decorative blankets. (Every 3 months.) 10. Empty out coat closet. Wash walls and floor, if needed. Sort items as you return them to the closet. Extra cat supplies are stored neatly here. (Every 3 months.) 11. Dust the TV with the electronic dusting spray. 12. Sweep and scrub floors. 13. Reseal grout lines, if necessary. (Every 3 months.) 14. Vacuum the cat tree. Spray with catnip spray. 15. Batteries are located under the end table by the window. Organize all batteries by type. Test all batteries with tester. Recharge any dead rechargeable batteries and store all batteries. 16. Store all gaming accessories neatly under the same end table. 17. If you see cat toys clean them and put them in the cat toy storage by the kitchen table. 18. Check all lights and make sure they work. If they do not, replace each bulb. (If there arent bulbs, go buy them.) 19. Make sure all cleaning products have been returned to storage in the garage. BEDROOMS 1. Empty trash cans. 2. Open windows (Every 3 months.) 3. Strip master bed. If it has been done already, Keep the laundry going. 4. Strip guest bed on request only. 5. Fold all towels on Guest bed. Store all cream towels with lace in the guest bathroom cabinet. Store all plain cream towels in my Master Closet on top right shelves. 6. Hang any t-shirts on hangers. Place in proper closet. XXL in master closet. All smaller clothes go in guest closet. 7. When dusting, or washing the bottom book shelf, please remove and replace all items on this shelf. Do not add items or remove items without permission. 8. Store all records on shelf with record player. 9. Clean ceiling fan in Master bedroom. 10. Dust guest room TV. 11. Remove all DVDs and store in office cabinet or closet. (Every 3 months.) 12. Dust all furniture. Remember to use the dark polish in my Master Bedroom. Remember to use the light polish on all my other furniture. 13. For each drawer: remove items, wash drawer, place items back neatly. (Every 3 months.) 14. Remove everything from closets. Sweep and wash closet floor and shelving. Put everything back neatly. All the clothing in my Master closet should be XXL or larger. Use the master closet to store most of my one piece or long clothing. Then put all the other sizes in the Guest room closet. Organize the other non-clothing items that are already in each closet. Hang all t-shirts. (If more hangers are necessary, you may buy them.) (Every 3 months.) 15. Move Bed. If items are found under bed, put them on the bar in a pile. Sweep or vacuum under bed. 16. Put bed back. mattress. 17. Launder bedding. 18. Vacuum chair in Master bedroom. 19. Launder curtains. Wash pillows in hot water. (Every 3 months.) 20. Dust lights. 21. Clean lamp shades. 22. Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens. (Every 6 months.) 23. Wash switch plates. Wash walls and trim as needed. (Every 3 months.) 24. Wash mirrors or dust art. 25. Use electronic dusting supplies to dust my laptop, iPad, and TVs. 26. After dusting all furniture, use the dark correcting pen in Master and light correcting pen in Guest room, (Once a month.) 27. Dust or vacuum the area by my nightstand where all my electronics are plugged in. Cat hair collects here. 28. Organize medication cabinet. Discard expired medications. Store lotions and nail care items neatly on top with the animal print bag. 29. Place all remote controls on my nightstand. 30. Wash doors and doorknobs. (Every 3 months.) 31. Wash floor registers and other vent covers. (Every 3 months.) 32. Sweep and wash floor or vacuum. 33. Clean cat toys. The blue parts slide off. 34. Place green cushion in the refrigerator. 35. Wash the cat treat dispenser well. 36. Replace catnip in all toys. 37. Replace the catnip in the cat brush. Hang the cat brush on the wall directly under the window by the chair. 38. Check all lights to make sure they work. If they dont work, replace each bulb. (If I dont have the bulb, buy them.) 39. Remove all items from bookshelves. Wash and dust all book shelves. Replace all items neatly. 40. IN MY GUEST ROOM, DO NOT CLEAN ON THE FAR SIDE OF BED WHERE THE BASKETS AND SAFE ARE LOCATED. CLEAN NIGHTSTAND AND DRESSER ONLY. 41. Make sure all the cleaning supplies are returned to storage in garage. BATHROOMS 1. Empty trash cans. 2. Open windows (Every 3 months.) 3. Add soap to the dispensers. Soap is stored in the laundry closet.) 4. Always use GRANITE CLEANER and SEALER and BRASS CLEANER 5. Empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside, replace items neatly. Discard empty medicines and cosmetics. (Every 3 months.) 6. Wash outside of cabinets and vanities. 7. Remove all items. Clean tub. Replace all items. 8. Clean toilet, inside and out. 9. Remove toilet seat and clean around seat bolts. (Every 6 months.) 10. Remove items. Clean sink. Replace items. 11. Shine faucets with brass cleaner. 12. Clean mirror and frame 13. Dust light fixtures. 14. Dust and wash self in master bath. 15. Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens. (Every 6 months.) 16. Wash switch plates. wash walls and trim. Wash doors and door knobs. (Every 3 months.) 17. Wash floor registers and other vent covers. (Every 3 months.) 18. Remove all items on floors. Sweep and wash floors. Replace items. 19. Reseal grout lines if necessary. (Every 6 months.) 20. Store all cat toys in the storage by the kitchen table. 21. Dust the bakers rack. 22. Wash and dust book shelf. (Every 3 months.) 23. Remove items. Vacuum carpets. Replace items. 24. Wash carpets. (Every 3 months.) 25. Check all lights. Replace bulbs when necessary. 26. Make sure all cleaning supplies have been returned to their storage in the garage. 27. Hang clean towels. The lace trimmed old fashion towels go in the guest bath. The plain clean towels go in the master bath. 28. Stock the room with toilet paper and wet wipes. KITCHEN 1. There are 2 trash cans. The one by the garage door is regular trash. The other is in the corner by the bakers rack. These are to be emptied. 2. The round Open windows. (Every 3 months.) 3. Water any plants. There may not be any. 4. Remove and clean window coverings. (Every 3 months.) 5. Use the dishwasher cleaner. (Every 2 months.) 6. Use the disposal cleaner. (Every 2 months.) 7. Always use GRANITE CLEANER and SEALER. 8. For each cabinet or drawer: Remove items, wipe out drawer, place items back neatly. Remove items that are outdated. (Every 3 months.) 9. Gather all cat water fountains and treat dispenser. Wash them thoroughly. Replace filters every visit. Make sure to rinse the filters for 1 minute before installing them. 10. Gather litter boxes. Located in office and kitchen. Scrub them outdoors and dry them. Return them to their locations. Fill them with cat litter stared in my garage. Return any excess litter to the garage. 11. Wash cabinet doors and knobs (Every 3 months.) 12. Clean and organize pantry. Check food expiry dates. (Every 3 months.) 13. Store all clean kitchen towels in pantry. 14. Clean oven. (Every 6 months.) 15. Use SOS Pads to clean stove top. Remove elements and drip bowls, if applicable, wash and put back. 16. Clean and organize fridge and freezer. Check food expiry dates. 17. Clean under fridge and stove. 18. Vacuum refrigerator coils. (Every 3 months) 19. Clean microwave. 20. Clean crumbs out of toaster. (Every 3 months.) 21. Clean and descale Keurig. Use the directions in cabinet. Replace filter. (Every 2 months.) 22. Wipe down any other counter appliances and 2 trays. 23. Wash counters and back splash. 24. Wash and shine sink. Shine faucet. Clean drain. 25. Clean Dishwasher. Use a degreaser to clean the outer parts. Then. use the dishwasher cleaner and run it.) 26. Dust light fixtures. 27. Wash windows and window sills. Remove window screens and wash. (every 3 months.) 28. Wash switch plates. (Every 3 months.) 29. Wash walls and trim. (Every 3 months.) 30. Wash doors and door knobs. (Every 3 months.) 31. Wash floor registers and other vent covers (Every 3 months.) 32. Sweep and wash floor. 33. Check all light bulbs. Replace them when necessary. If I dont have a bulb, buy it. 34. Store all cleaning supplies under the sink or in the garage. BREAKFAST NOOK 1. Empty Cat Genie. I will provide instruction. 2. Open windows. (Every 3 months.) 3. Spot clean carpet. 4. Put cat litter box carpet in washer on sanitary setting with OXI Clean and detergent on the SANITARY setting if soiled. After run the washer on CLEAN WASHER SETTING with the Refresh tablet. 5. Scoop litter box. Gloves are provided. 6. Sanitize litterbox outdoors. (Once a month.) 7. Clean blinds. 8. Wipe down table and chairs. 9. Wipe down or dust other furnishings. 10. Clean chair pads, if applicable. 11. Dust any displayed china or serving dishes. 12. Launder table linens and towels. 13. Dust art. 14. Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens. (Every 3 months.) 15. Wash switch plates (Every 3 months.) 16. Wash walls and trim. (Every 3 months.) 17. Wash doors and door knobs (Every 3 months.) 18. Wash floor registers and other vent covers. (Every 3 months.) 19. Clean floors. 20. Check and replace light bulbs. 21. Store extra cat toys here. 22. Replace the litter box once it is cleaned. 23. Store all cleaning products in the garage. 24. Stock paper towels. 25. Add soap to the dispenser. 26. Add Dawn dish soap into cleaning brush at the sink. 27. Store Dawn at sink. OFFICE 1. Empty Cat Genie. I will provide instructions. 2. Scoop litterbox. Gloves are provided. 3. Sanitize litterbox. Gloves are provided. (Once a month.) 4. Empty trash can. 5. Open windows. (Every 3 months.) 6. Wash cat litter box carpet if soiled on SANITARY setting with detergent and OXI clean. 7. Dust TV, computer, and athletic equipment. 8. Remove all office supplies from drawers and cabinet in the computer corner. Wash and dust inside and out. Replace items inside neatly. Dispose of rotten rubber bands. (Every 3 months.) 9. Vacuum chair 10. Dust shelves, furniture and decor. 11. After dusting furniture, use light correction pen. (Once a month.) 12. Remove all items from bookshelves. Wash and dust shelves. Replace the books. (Every 3 months.) 13. Clean lamps and lampshades. 14. Wash windows and window sills. (Every 3 months.) 15. Take out and wash window screens. (Every 3 months.) 16. Clean television screen. 17. Carefully dust any additional electronics. 18. Tidy electronics wires. Tuck nicely out of sight. Label them, if practical. 19. Remove all DVDS from cabinet. Wash and dust cabinet. Store all DVDS in cabinet. (Every 3 months.) 20. Dust outside of DVD cabinet. 21. Wash switch plates. (Every 3 months.) 22. Wash walls and trim. (Every 3 months.) 23. Wash doors and knobs. (Every 3 months.) 24. Wash floor registers and other vent covers. (Every 3 months.) 25. Clean floors. 26. Organize closet. Only DVDs that dont fit in the cabinet, ALL CDs, office supplies, school supplies, etc. should be stored here. No clothing should be stored here. 27. Check and replace all bad light bulbs. 28. Store all cleaning products in the garage. LAUNDRY ROOM 1. Recycle empty bottles. 2. Dispose of trash. 3. Remove all items from the shelves. Wash and dust shelving. Fold all linens and replace them on the shelves neatly. (Every 3 months.) 4. Wash the outside of the washer and dryer. 5. If you run dirty cleaning towels, or things soiled by cats, ALWAYS USE THE WASHER BY THE CLEAN WASHER SETTING WITH A REFRESH TABLET ONLY. 6. When washing Master bedroom linen, use the allergine setting. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENER. 7. When washing guest bedrooms linen, use allergine setting with detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. 8. Wash all towels on the antibacterial setting with detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. 9. Wash outside of washer and dryer. 10. Wash inside of washing machine with Refresh on clean washer setting. Washing machine must be empty other than the Refresh. (Every month.) 11. Wash lint trap with soap and water to remove filmy build-up from laundry soaps and dryer sheets. Let air dry thoroughly before putting back in place. (Every 3 months.) 12. Wash switch plates. (Every 3 months.) 13. Wash walls and trim. (Every 3 months.) 14. Wash doors and door knobs. (Every 3 months.) 15. Sweep and wash floors. 16. When there are dirty cleaning rags, leave these on top of the bar so my other items will not get stained. OUTSIDE 1. Wash all litter boxes here. Remember to restore the hose when done. (Every month.) 2. Sweep porch, driveway, back patio, and walkway. (Every month.) 3. Wash thresholds at the front door and garage doors. (Every 3 months.) 4. Wash exterior doors (Front and Garage.) (Every 3 months.) 5. Recycle any newspapers or ads outside my home. 6. The brown trash can be used for recycling. Please break down all boxes. Place the trash on the street. Monday is trash day. 7. Clean or replace welcome mat. GARAGE (Be careful not to get locked out while using the rear door.). 1. Store all paper products on the shelving and cat litter by the back door stacked. 2. Stock each bath with toilet paper and wet wipes. 3. When I run about to run out of any paper products, place an empty on the bar. I will get those. There should be toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and wet wipes on the shelves. 4. Cat cages are to be cleaned and stored in front of the black cabinet. 5. Make sure all cleaning supplies have been stored neatly in my garage or underneath my kitchen sink in the guest bath and in my master bath. 6. Clean sink. 7. Sweep floor 8. Empty vacuum and make vacuum ready to use. Hang my vacuum on the hanger that is left of the electric garage door. 9. Hang Bona and broom on the other hangers. 10. Make sure all items stored here are stored in a way my car can fit. 11. Bags of cat litter are stored in piles to the left of and in front of the back door. STORAGE SHED 1. You will be responsible for locking and locking my fence. 2. You will be asked to store things here on occasion. 3. Organize (Every 6 months.) Litter Genie Instructions To get started: 1. Insert the scoop holder in the grooves on either side. 2. Insert the refill (see instructions below). View a video demonstration here. Inserting the refill is a breeze! 1. Pull the refills plastic tab and remove the outer rim. 2. Start at the notch left by the tab, pull about one foot of film. Then push down the film through the center of the rim and tie a knot at the bottom. 3. Open the lid and pull the funnel up. A lip around the inside of the unit will be visible. Place the refill so that it sits on the lip. Pull the handle and push the film down into the bottom chamber of the unit. 4. Push down the funnel and close the lid. Now youre ready to use. Its as easy as 1,2,3! 1. Scoop clumps from litter box. 2. Open lid, drop in clumps and close lid. 3. Hold down pail and pull handle clumps are sealed away for up to 14 days for one cat. The unique, air-tight design helps keep smells in, even when you open the lid. Ready to empty the bag? Simply: 1. Open the unit at the middle. 2. Use the built-in child-proof cutter to cut the bag then tie it. 3. Pull down plastic film to bottom of the unit, tie a knot & close the unit. If you have any questions or feedback on our products, please contact 877-876-... or visit us at Refills are in the pantry in the kitchen. Please go to the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain Site to look at the instructions on how to dismantle, clean, add clean filters, and put together the fountains. I can provide instruction as well but I expect you to learn to do this on your own after 2 months of training. You can video me as I do it, you can take notes as I explain too. REMEMBER TO: I have 3 cats. Never allow my cats outdoors. If it happens, tell me immediately. (Extremely important.) My youngest cat hides in closets. Im letting you know to avoid surprises. Punctuality is important. If you must be late, text me or call me to tell me. Please tell me what time you plan on arriving. (This is very important.) If you must cancel, you must phone or text me right away to let me know in advance. (This is very important.) I will rarely have to reschedule a cleaning but if I do, I will provide as much notice as possible and another time so that you can get your hours in. Keep your insurance up to date. You are required to provide copies every 3 months. My cats may follow you, if that annoys you, tell me. I can keep them away with me. I may notice specific areas of focus during the week. I write them on a list I will leave on the bar. Complete everything as listed here. As you do note, how often each item should be done. Feel free to ask questions when necessary. Please just take notes for future reference. I am available to show you how to assemble Cat Genies, water fountains and washer and dryer operation. Please take notes. After 2 months, I would like you to be familiar. Keep in mind, I allow a 10-minute break every 2 hours. I also allow a 30 minutes- 1 hour for a lunch break. (No smoking in my home or garage.) Only use your cell phones while on breaks or lunch. IN MY GUEST ROOM, DO NOT CLEAN ON THE FAR SIDE OF BED WHERE THE BASKETS AND SAFE ARE LOCATED. CLEAN NIGHTSTAND AND DRESSER ONLY. (VERY IMPORTANT.) Any time, you need to buy supplies, keep in mind: Receipts should be saved for all purchases. Im willing to pay for cleaning supplies. You buy them and save all receipts. If you own a better vacuum, feel free to bring it and use it. I will provide a copy of the list on the bar. I would like each item checked off and placed on the bar when complete. The list items to be to be done monthly or less need to dated so that you know when they are to be repeated.

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