Live-In Maid vs Live-Out Housekeeper

Live-In Maid vs Live-Out Housekeeper

by John Philip Green

Hiring a live-in maid is a bit more complex than hiring a housekeeper, since the person you hire will be living with you and must be incorporated into your family life.

However, the effort is worth it if your situation requires the assistance that only live-in housekeepers can provide.

Perhaps you’ve just had a baby, but both you and your spouse work. Maybe an elderly parent has come to live with you, or a health situation is requiring extra care. A live-in maid can reduce the stress on the family and be very valuable.

What to consider when hiring a live-in maid

  • Decide what you need to have done
    • daily chores
    • laundry
    • grocery shopping
    • meal preparation
    • care of children
    • physical care of bedridden family members
  • Consider contacting an agency or online that specializes in live-in maid services.Once you have found a reputable agency, you can trust that they have screened their referrals and are likely to have bonded them already.
  • Either way, you will need to interview each live-in maid prospect carefully. You are looking for an organized person yet someone who will become a vital part of your family. You will need to find that balance between being the employer of this person and being able to get along with them. Write out a list of personal attributes that you want in a live-in maid so that you have a standard to use when interviewing.
  • Be prepared with an employment plan. Consider the rate of pay you’re willing to offer as well as the benefits package, a salary incentive plan based on job performance, and a daily work schedule including days off and vacation or holiday time. Also outline the grounds for dismissal or termination of the contract.
  • Always obtain and check referrals, even if you have used an agency.
  • Do not hire anyone you do not trust or that you believe to be dishonest. Even if all the information checks out, listen to your gut feeling and don’t hire anyone you aren’t comfortable with.
  • Verify the information provided if you feel the need to do so.Get a background check or hire a local investigator. The cost of the background check will vary depending on the depth of information you want.

The benefits of a live-in housekeeper

A valued housekeeper lightens your workload and helps you to enjoy your home, ensuring every day that it is clean and presentable, comfortable and well organized.

In larger settings, a live-in housekeeper might be the most senior member of your staff, responsible for the smooth and efficient running of your home. Where the housekeeper is the sole staff member, housekeeper duties are varied, including cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping and errands. Live-out and live-in housekeepers can sometimes take on additional tasks such as helping with the children, walking the dog and dealing with emergencies. Combined roles such as housekeeper/nanny and housekeeper/cook are also possible, but in all guises, the housekeeper uses a hands-on approach to provide essential domestic assistance for the entire household.

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