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Dear Future Family, Hi everyone! I am Maria Teresa H. Manatad, 30 years old, single. I am from Ormoc, City Leyte ,Philippines. I am the youngest in four siblings which includes 3 boys and my self. My parents are Victorina H. Manatad , Government employee and Renato T. Manatad Sr., worked in a Lumber store but already retired since 2011. Both have been a very responsible parents for us which I am really proud of. My two brothers are already married but doesnt have a permanent job to support their family. And my 3rd brother is living with my parents. I am the only one working abroad. I am a family oriented person, simple,friendly, cheerful,trustworthy,hardworking , Open minded, vocal in what I feel about something. I love sports and music. I love to eat but I am skinny but strong. And the most important of all, I have faith in God. I can sew clothes and could do carpentry work. I am currently working as a Aupair here in Norway since February 27, 2013. During my first stay with my employers, I felt nervous for the first time because I have no idea what kind of personality they have but later on as we start the conversation, I can say that they are nice people and I know that I will be happy working with them. Especially with the kids who are 3 and 6 years old during that time. My host mom is from Spain and my host Father is Norwegian. My responsibility in the family is to prepare lunchboxes for the kids, preapare and eat breakfast with the family , and sometimes helping in preparing the kids to get ready for school (changeing clothes,brushing teeth,combing hair ) even though its not stated in the contract. I, Seldom take them to school/kindergarten. If the parents are away or if they have early meetings to attend. Then, I start doing the Household Chores after they left. Including laundry, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, Ironing clothes, marketing . In the afternoon, i pick up the kids at school . I take them for a walk to the house. Then, i ask them to do their homeworks before anything else. Once they are done, they are allowed to play, I also play with them if they want to.Sometimes we watch cartoons together while waiting for their parents.Sometines, i am preparing little snacks for them. Then, at 5pm I start to prepare the food for dinner. At 6pm, I start to cook at get it done around 7pm. We are finish around 8. Then, I will tidy up the dining and clean the kitchen. Sweep the floor or vacuum clean. I am off once I am done. This is my routine from Mondays to Fridays. There is also babysitting jobs during weekdays or if needed but usually during Saturdays. For extra jobs, I also do the lawn and clean windows. I have been working as an Au pair also in Denmark from August 2011-February 2013. I have worked with 3 families there. In my first Host family which includes a mother and a father with 2 boys age 4 and 2 yrs old. My job is cleaning the house, cooking,shopping,laundry, Ironing and baby sitting. I do the gardening, car washing and cleaning the windows outside which is not permitted as part of an au pairs job. So, I talked to my host parents and ask them that I cant do those jobs anymore but they told me they havent read any rules regarding this matter.The family is nice but I was afraid that if I got caught by the police I will be deported and will not be able to come back to Europe anymore. So, I have decided to change a host family. They told me that its my decision, they are sad but they cant do anything about it. In November 2011, I have found a new host family which includes a single mom with two energetic boys, ages 7 and 4. I am the one who is taking and picking them up to and from the school/kindergarten by driving the bicycle,I prepare breakfast, lunchboxes, household chorse, Laundry, ironing and shopping. I also take the kids into the park and play socker with them. I cook for the family and do baby sitting sometimes. They are very nice family for me. They loved me as much as I have loved them.I have worked for them from November till the end of March.Unfortunately, I have to look for another family because my host mom told me in February that she doesnt have any choice but to release me because she cant afford to pay my salary any longer because she is a single mom and they are only renting the apartment. She was very sorry about it. Im so sad but I have to accept it. She is willing to give me support in anyway she could. She never cutted my visa until I found a new Host. She told me if in any case I need her help in applying for a new job, I am free to contact her and she will give good support. And I am so thankful about it. I transfered to my last host family in Denmark in April 2012. The family is consisting of a mother, father, a boy aged 15, and two lovely dogs. I am preparing breakfast for them, and take care of the dogs, Felix and Simba while the family is away. I feed them and take them for a walk 3 times a day. I also do the cleaning,laundry, ironing, marketing, watering the plants, doing the lawn and cleaning the garden. its been so nice to work with this family. I am very happy to be in that house because they treated me so well the same as my second host family. Unfortunately, I have to stay only for 10 months with them because I am turning 30 in July 2013. And that means I cannot work in Norway anymore because they only allow Aupair at the age until 30. So, I have talked to my host parents if they could let me move to Norway before I turned 30 but if not, I cant do anything but to finish my contract with them. Luckily, they were very kind and understanding.They supported me in my decisions. As much as they wanted to keep me, they let me do what I wanted to do because they told me it is for my own future and that is the only way they could help me. They also give me a good referal letter and I am really thankful. In return i helped them to get a new Au pair. I have been very happy staying with the family during those years. They treat me very well and loved me like I am part of the family. And that is the best thing I appreciate a lot. Before coming to Denmark, I have been in Hongkong and worked there as a Domestic Helper since October 2007 until August 2011. My experience there is not as nice as the once here in Europe. That is the big difference with Asian and Western people but I do understand. I have first worked in Hongkong with a Chinese family where I took care of a 9 years old boy which is not so nice to me. Even though I do things to please him still I cant understand the way they treat me. My lady employer is very strict even the guy..... job as a helper is to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. I do the cleaning,laundry, ironing, marketing everday, and picking up the kid. I also take him to his extra curricular activities like his Teakwando lesson 3 times a week and Piano lesson twice a week. I have to wait for him till he is finished. And it takes around 1 hour and a half for teakwando then we have to travel back home. Piano class is closer to home so after I brought him there I will go home forat to prepare the for for cooking dinner then after an hour I have to go back and pick him up again. I have a record book where I have to write down everything I do during the day. Every hour exactly. I ate dinner with them but I have my own plate which is made of aluminum. I start working around 7am and finish around 8-9pm but I have to sleep after the boy went to his bed around 10- 10:30 pm. I have worked for them for only 1 year because they terminated the contract. The reason is that they wanted to hire Indonesian. But for me I know whats the real reason is. We are not getting along so well. The guy said that he wanted to keep me but he doesnt want to come home seeing his wife unhappy.I dont understand why because the lady never tried to talk to me about anything. I have no idea about whats the real deal is. And I felt so bad about it. The couple aslo have problems with themselves. Because they cannot agree with one decision. For example, the guy wants me to tell him if the boy follows his orders or not,but the lady doesnt want me to because she doesnt want his son to get scolded by her husband. And I think that is one of the reason why she doenst like me. That is so unlucky experience for me but ofcourse I have accepted it because even myself felt uncomfortable in that house.I did tried to control my feelings and became very patient about the situation until the time they terminated me as their helper. I know I did my best to be a good helper for them but that is how it is. All I have to do is to accept the fact and move on. I cant give up just beacause of what had happend to me. So, I tried my luck and struggled to find a new employer in 2008, and got lucky to find one before my visa ends. When the lady employer interviewed me, she was so nice and cheerful. So I thought she is a good person. We have signed the contract and I have waited in the Philippines for my next visa for few months. Finally, got back on track and started all over. I am so happy to be in Hongkong again and I thought I have found a nicer family to work with. I didnt know that it will be much worst than before. The family includes the mother, father, a 14 years old girl and a 10 years old boy. My first and second day is fine but after that everything changed. I have to wake up at 6 in the morning to have breakfast and should finish preparing breakfast at exactly 6:30am. Even they start eating at 7. While they were having breakfast I have to start cleaning the kitchen. Tidy up the dining table once they are done. Start the cleaning of the house after the kitchen then the rooms and toilets. Do the laundry and iron clothes. And I am finished around 4-5pm. Then its already time to prepare the ingredients that I need to use for cooking dinner. Ill start cooking at 7 and finish around 8. Then they start to eat around 9 - 10pm and finishes around 11. I ate by myself in the kitchen because I am not allowed to eat together with them. Once I am done, I will start cleaning the kitchen while they are still eating. Mostly I finish the cleaning around 12 midnight including cleaning all the surfaces , walls and floor. And also the slippers that we are using and the rugs I also need to wash by hand. I am also washing the dishes by hands and also need to rinse with hot water before drying them up with towels and returning them to the shelves.After everything, they demanded that I have to take a shower. I have my room but I dont have my privacy because I am not allowed to close the door. During Saturdays, I have to do the marketing and shopping of food which is good for the whole week. I go out with my lady employer but I have to carry everything by myself. Which is too heavy for me. It is too much but I have to bear it. Because that is my job. And the family attitude is not pleasing also. I meant the whole family. Sad to say this but I want to tell you the truth. I have worked for them for 6 months without my own key for the house. That is why everytime im on a holiday(Sundays), even during winter, even if its too cold I dont have any choice but to wait. I have to wait for them at the park at night until they come home around around 9-10pm. Before I leave for my off, I still need to prepare their breakfast, and wait till they are done and also I have to clean everything up before I can leave the house. At night, I still have to Iron clothes before I go to bed and I am not allowed not to finish all of it. If they had dinner at home, I will be the one who will tidy up the mess. I did this for 6 months and my body gave up. I made a one month notice but they didnt grant me that. Instead they just asked me to take a vacation because they are going away on a holiday trip and they dont want anybody at home including me. So, I took the offer and stay at my boarding house for few days. But the day that they were supposed to leave they gave me a released letter. I was so shocked and I never expected it to happen. I asked them nicely few months ago because I am not feeling well anymore because my body hurts. But still they didnt accept it. Instead they terminated the contract in an unpleasant way. They never paid anything before I left. I only receved my last salary and my ticket going back to the Philippines. They should have paid me more than that but I didnt argue with it. I was almost losing hope because of what had happened. But I cant do that or else I will end up nothing. So, I did tried my best again to find a new employer for the third time. I told my self that maybe there is still a chance for me to get a good family to work with. I am still lucky to find one. The family is composed of a mother, a father and a sweet boy aged 4. I am the one who is assigned to prepare the boy for school. I prepare his breakfast and feed him and change his clothes. I make him lunchbox also. I take him to his school and catch the bus at 8 because his class starts at 9 and ends at 12. I have to wait for him till then. We will be arriving home around 12:30pm to 1pm. Depending on the traffic flow. Then, I have to make lunch for the two of us. When we are done , I ask him to do his homeworks while I am cleaning the house, doing the laundry and ironing. Sometimes in a week he has extra activities like swimming class and tutorial lesson. During those days, I have to finish cleaning around 3pm. I take him there and bring him also back home. Then I will prepare dinner at 6pm. And we will eat dinner at 7 and finishes at 8. After that I will tidy up everything and will finish at 9. Sometimes my employers comes home late so they allow me and the boy to eat first. Then, ill take care of the kid or play with him until his parents arrive. Then I can go to bed once they are done with their dinner. I stayed with this family for 1 year and 10 months from October 2009 until August 2011. I left 3 months earlier than my contract because I need to leave for Denmark. My employer told me to stay because she wanted to renew my contract.Since she already liked my job and me staying with the family. And also the kid doesnt want me to go, too. I said I would love to but I want to grab the opportunity to work outside Asia for a change. And also I thought there is much more to offer and this is my only chance to improve my kind off work. So, I left and they gave me a warm goodbye with a simple dinner. And I appreciated it.I left with a broken heart but I told my self I have to face it. Until now I am still missing that little boy. I endured all of this hardships because I have to keep the job for I am the one who is supporting my parents financially in the Philippines. I am proud to tell everybody that I have come this far now. I have been thru a lot of sacrifices including being away from my family but I overcome all of it. It is really hard for the first time but once you surpassed it, you can say that you are a survivor. I just thought that all of these are just a way of God to teach me how to be strong and courageous. Also to be patient and understanding. And especially to have Faith in Him. I hope I have explained my experiences well. Im sorry I have written too much. But I just want to share everything to you for you to know more about me. I am willing to share all of my experiences and knowledge to you if you are willing to accept me as a part of your family,too. I will be very pleased to meet you in the future. Please help me to be a much better person and I will do whatever I can do for your family..... help you in your everyday life. I promise to give my best for the job. Please give me a chance to prove my self to you. Thank you so much for sparing your time reading the story of my life. Sincerely, Maria Teresa H. Manatad laundry, window cleaning, yard work Clean floors Dishes Vacuum floors Clean fridge Dusting cleaning oven Furniture polishing Grocery shopping Water plants Bathroom cleaning Kitchen cleaning

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