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Looking for a housekeeper, maid service or cleaning lady to keep your home or office looking it's best? We have a community of professional cleaners looking for jobs in your area.

The term "cleaning lady" is often used to refer to a house cleaner, housekeeper or maid. We prefer to use the term housekeeper as it is more generic and cuts across gender stereotypes. Houskeeper doesn't suggest that the cleaner is male or female like maid or cleaning lady does.  

Is there a difference between the roles of a cleaning lady, maid or housekeeper? Some may say yes, but the truth is that the meaning of terms changes over time. Think of they way "stewardess" has evolved into the more gender-neutral "flight attendant" and "firemen" are now referred to as "fire fighters". 

Many feel that the words cleaning lady or maid are old fashioned. In addition, they have a derogatory feel like you are referring to servant and a role that must be performed by a female. Most people now use the term housekeeper, but looking at terms people use to find our site it's clear that there are still some that type the phrase "cleaning ladies" or "cleaning lady" into Google. 

Regardless of the term you use to describe someone you hire to clean your house the benefits of taking this task out of your hands are numerous! 

We all live very busy lives, with work, kids and social activities taking up so much of our day cleaning is the last thing we want to do! Hiring professional house cleaning will not only give you back some freedom but it will also alleviate stress and improve your health! 

Think a housekeeper is too expensive? Think again! Paying a housekeeper or housekeeping service is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. 

Many people are surprised to see that cleaning help is more affordable than they imagined. When you look at how much your time is worth vs the cost of hiring a cleaner often the disparity is enough to make the decision to hire a housekeeper easy!

So whether you call the job a cleaning lady, maid or housekeeper the best place to quickly and easily find one is

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