Cleaning With Vinegar

October 28, 2020
When we typically think of cleaning we tend to gravitate to brand name household cleaners that we find at our supermarket. But did you know that you have on
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Baking Soda: The Wonder Cleaner

October 14, 2020
There are such an overwhelming number of cleaning products available for purchase that frequently you may not even know what to buy. Do you go for the harsh
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How To Avoid COVID-19 Cleaning Burnout

September 16, 2020
All we have been doing these days is washing our hands, wiping things down, dusting, and spraying disinfectant. It seems like nothing is ever clean enough,
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How To Keep Yourself Safe When Cleaning During The Pandemic

September 2, 2020
Life is vastly different now and there is no denying it. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down and a vaccine still months away, we hav
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Questions Related To COVID-19 To Ask During A Interview

August 19, 2020
We hear the phrase “we are in unprecedented times” daily and even though it’s getting old, it’s the truth. We are in uncharted territory and it can be scary
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How To Do A Virtual Interview

August 12, 2020
Life as we know it changed when the pandemic was announced. Our day to day lives have been turned upside down but the good news is that humans are experts a
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What Makes Us The Right Choice

August 5, 2020
We know it is stressful to look for a housekeeper. A million and one questions enter your head: how often do I need a housekeeper, can I afford a housekeepe
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How To Keep Yourself Safe from Scammers

July 27, 2020
We want to help you find a job but we also want you to be safe. has security protocols and algorithms in place to detect spammers as soon a
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CDC Cleaning and Safety Tips

July 22, 2020
It is safe to say that the news is overwhelming. Now that we are knee deep in this pandemic there are a few things that have become drilled into our heads:
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Areas You Should Be Asking Your Housekeeper To Clean

July 15, 2020
There is no denying that looking for a housekeeper can be a long process. From finding candidates on, to hosting a virtual and in person int
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