Why Your Housekeeper Should be Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

April 5, 2016

Going green at home is more than a fad. The use of eco-friendly products impacts the environment, but more importantly, it also affects your home and you. Unfortunately, many of our household products contain toxic chemicals. Constant use of these can have a negative impact on our health. In this article, we’ll look at some reasons why you and your housekeeper should make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products once and for all!

Save 25 Pounds of Toxic Waste Per Year!

The Shaklee Green Youtube video, Green Cleaning Products: Do Non-Toxic Cleaners Work?”, mentions that the average home generates 25 pounds of toxic waste each year and that this is largely due to cleaning products! The video also mentions that many of the chemicals found in cleaners aren’t checked for safety.

Conventional Cleaning Products Can Harm You and The Environment

The LiveScience.com article, The Truth About Green Cleaning Products, says “Certain chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products present known or suspected problems for the people that use them and the environment once washed down the drain… There is little regulation of cleaning chemicals and there are virtually no labeling requirements to let people know what they are exposing themselves and the planet too.”

Cleaning Products aren’t Fully Regulated

Furthermore, the Reader’s Digest Best Health article The benefits of eco-friendly cleaners mentions that cleaning industry products aren’t fully regulated and many harmful chemicals can lead to chronic health problems — including asthma!

Show Your Housekeeper You Care

Considering that there are so many dangers associated with harsh chemicals, it really makes sense to go green! Your house cleaner may insist on cleaners that they have been using or have familiarity with. Point out the negative effects of not switching to eco-friendly products! Not only are your concerned with the health of you and those in your household — you’re concerned about the health of your housekeeper as well!

Do Green Cleaning Products Work?

The Good House Keeping article, The Best Green Cleaners points out that there is nothing specific that classifies a product as green so read labels carefully. Many companies realize the impact of harsh chemicals and have started offering green products. When switching, to green products, make sure that they work. Did you know that you can make your own effective & environmentaly friendly cleaning products at home? Here’s How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Will You Make the Switch?

Are you convinced to go green? No? Read Kathy Green’s story: If I can get over using my tried and true cleaning products then you can too.

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How to Find Eco-Friendly Housekeepers?

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