Top Five Organizing Tips For Your Home

July 29, 2015

When your life gets busy, it’s easy to let clutter build up. And once you’re living in a messy home, it can be hard to know where to begin! But fear not—with these 5 simple tips, you can begin the organizational healing and start down the path towards a chaos-free life.

1. Everything Should Have a Home 

If you follow this tip, you will never lose anything again. If everything has a home, then you know exactly where to put it once you are done using it and you know exactly where to find it the next time you need it. When I say everything, I mean everything, from your dinner plates to your bobby pins.

2. Make Use of A__ll of Your Space

Part of finding everything a home is having enough storage space. There are tons of nooks and crannies around your home that you can transform into creative storage solutions. Get storage bins that fit under your bed; utilize your vertical space with hooks; and get furniture that doubles as storage. It’s all about getting creative and finding the possibilities that your space can offer, not just the problems.

3. Keep Like With Like

This may seem simple, but it works—if you store like things together, it will be a lot easier to remember where you put them. So don’t store your spoons with your pens – think logically and put items that serve a similar purpose in the place where you are most likely to use them!

4. Get Rid of Stuff!

We’ve all had that moment when we start packing up for yet another move when we start to wonder, “Why on earth do I have all of this stuff?”. Whether it’s clothes that no longer fit or a bunch of movie stubs from high school, we all have stuff sitting around that we just never bothered to throw away. This clutter can pile up over the years and eventually become a huge headache. The best way to free yourself from the mountains of life-debris is simple—get rid of it! Whatever it is, if you don’t use it regularly or if it doesn’t fit anymore, donate it, give it away, or trash it, but don’t keep it! If it doesn’t have a clear purpose, you don’t have room for it.

5. The 15 Minute Clean Up

I don’t know about you, but I procrastinate. A lot. I leave clothes on the floor, I leave dishes in random places, and I don’t put things back where I found them. The easiest way to combat the procrastination is to make cleaning part of your routine. If you take 15 minutes a day to do a quick pick up, there will be much less housework to do on Cleaning Day. So put those clothes in the hamper, get those dishes into the sink, and make your bed! It only takes a few minutes.