Serve Red Wine Without the Worry of Stains

October 3, 2012

How many times have you decided to serve only white wine when entertaining because you have had a bad experience with a red wine stain?

Read the simple instructions below that describe how to remove red wine stains and you will not be afraid of serving red wine with your ham this Thanksgiving.

  • Move quickly before the wine stain has a chance to set.

  • Carefully blot the stain with a clean cloth, applying as much pressure as possible. (do not rub)

  • For clothing that can be laundered, mix a liquid detergent half and half with hydrogen peroxide. Gently pour over the stain and allow to soak. White wine also removes red wine stains. Then launder following garment instructions.

  • For carpeting of light beige or white, try diluting one tablespoon of ammonia in one cup of warm water. Get the stain wet with the ammonia and water solution, allowing it to sit for about five to ten minutes. Now, use a clean cloth to again blot the stain. With this, the red wine should be gone.

  • Alternatives to ammonia are table salt, club soda and white wine. These are better choices for dark rugs.

Enjoy the party!