Questions Related To COVID-19 To Ask During A Interview

August 19, 2020

We hear the phrase “we are in unprecedented times” daily and even though it’s getting old, it’s the truth. We are in uncharted territory and it can be scary.

One of the things that has gotten more complicated and difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic is finding a job. There are many steps to finding employment but mix in COVID-19 and the usual experience has been turned on its head.

Before you take a housekeeping job there are some questions you should ask your potential future employer during the interview process. It is important to have all the information before considering a job:

  1. What precautions are you taking to keep yourself safe during the pandemic? Employers will most definitely ask you these questions as well. It is important to make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to staying safe.

  2. Are you or your family members experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms? We recommend asking this during the interview and 48 hours before any job.

  3. Will you provide PPE? Some employers are choosing to make PPE available to whoever they hire but it is always a good idea to ask and not assume.

  4. Do you have a cleaning checklist that you would like me to complete? Make sure you and your employer are on the same page from the get go. Ask your employer to make a cleaning checklist for you to follow.

  5. Do you have the required cleaning products? It is always a good idea to clear up which party will be providing the cleaning products. Make sure the cleaning products you use or the ones that are provided to you are approved to kill COVID-19 germs.

  6. How will you keep you safe when you I am cleaning your home? While caution can be expressed on your end to keep yourself safe, your employer has the same responsibility. Let your employer know what would make you feel safe coming into their home and offer safety suggestions to them.

In addition to the above questions, have a list of things you would like your potential employer to know about your cleaning style. Some things you can let them know are areas you see as important to disinfect and CDC cleaning and safety tips you are following. Employers find it encouraging when employees come to the interview prepared.

Now that you know what you should ask before taking a housekeeping job, it’s time to get ready for your interview. Virtual interviews are common these days to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have you covered when it comes to making sure you are prepared for your virtual interview.

Good luck!