“Miss Housekeeping” Should Not be an Insult

September 27, 2016

In last night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton attacked Republican candidate Donald J. Trump for insulting the 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado by calling her “Miss Housekeeping”.

Being a housekeeper is not something to be looked down upon. It is not an insult.

Machado, who was born in Venezuela, was not a housekeeper. But being a housekeeper is not something to be looked down upon. It is not an insult.

Housekeeping is part of the fabric of domestic life, and part of the backbone of many industries such as travel and hospitality. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are employed in housekeeping, in our homes, schools, hotels, and offices. It is a job that can not be sent overseas or automated with robots. Trump employs thousands of housekeepers at his golf resorts, casinos, and other businesses.

On behalf of the housekeepers and house cleaning companies in America, we encourage our presidential candidates to speak positively about our important profession.

More on this story: Alicia Machado, the woman Trump called Miss Housekeeping, is ready to vote against Donald Trump - The Washington Post

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