Live-in Housekeepers: In Demand

October 8, 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a live-in housekeeper? Had you ever thought of this as your career? Do you even know what this employment entails?

Let's take a look at it.

So many households are in hyper-gear. They are too busy and their lives are two complicated. Because of this they are needing and looking for support. What better help could there be than someone who could help them with both the maintenance of the house and provide some support with the children as well. What we are talking about here is the concept of the live-in housekeeper.

This individual would wear a lot of different hats; cleaner, sitter and possibly driver, cook and homework supervisor. Every job description would have a unique list of duties and a different focus. It is an excellent job for a person who desires a live-in situation and would enjoy being integrated into a family.

What type of jobs might be on your to do list, and what type of skills would you need to do this job well?

First the potential responsibilities. Remember...this is a rather comprehensive list, and your job would not include them all. As well, the number and age of children will greatly affect the look of your day.

  • cleaning of the home...details and specific jobs to be agreed upon
  • possibly sessional tidy-up outside
  • some degree of involvement with pets
  • childcare...
  • if pre-school-bathing, dressing, feeding...
  • if school age-walking/driving to/from school, support with homework
  • help with after school snacks, transport to extracurricular activities...
  • on occasion, staying with children while parents on date night or overnight away-this usually involves extra pay
  • help with an elderlyrelative
  • cooking

Now what type of skills and attitudes would make you a good candidate for this job. Again, with each job having a very different profile, the following list would be one to cover many situations and all qualities would not be needed for all situations.

  • flexible
  • friendly and upbeat
  • empathetic
  • hard working
  • honest
  • enjoy and are comfortable/knowledgeable with children
  • like animals and feel competent to care for them
  • patient-especially if dealing with the elderly and children
  • organized-can keep schedules and be on time
  • dependable-this family is counting on you

Now this list may seem a little daunting, but look at your life, and chances are you exhibit these qualities in the life you have now. To enrich your attractiveness to future employers, add any additional courses or qualifications you can to enhance your profile;things such as first aid, CPR, childcare courses and so on.

You can make a tremendous difference in the life of a family and create great new friendships for yourself if you decide to embark on this new career. Give it some thought.