How To Avoid COVID-19 Cleaning Burnout

September 16, 2020

All we have been doing these days is washing our hands, wiping things down, dusting, and spraying disinfectant. It seems like nothing is ever clean enough, but we can all admit that we have gotten tired of the constant list of things to clean and we’ve started to cut corners. COVID-19 fatigue is real and all too common.

To avoid cleaning burn out, we are here to share 10 tips to shorten your cleaning time. By following these tips cleaning will become easier (well, as easy as it can be!) and will take less time. This means more time for things that are important to you - from netflix to family time, we have you covered.

  1. Store cleaning products correctly. Try and keep your cleaning products for each room close to that room. This means keep the products you only use to clean the bathroom in or near the bathroom. The same goes for your kitchen. As far as general cleaning tools (microfiber cloths and dusters) keep them in the same closet or space.

  2. Clean in the right order. Save yourself time by dusting before vacuuming. By doing this you will vacuum up all the dust that has fallen onto the floor. Always finish with mopping.

  3. Don’t let laundry pile up. Have you ever opened up your closet looking for a towel to find that you don’t have any? There is no shame in this happening but when it does it just means a day full of laundry. Try and do laundry as it accumulates so you are not overwhelmed.

  4. Use the right amount of cleaning product. The saying less is more could not be more true when it comes to cleaning products. By using more cleaning product than directed all you end up doing is pushing the cleaning product around and not actually removing dirt. Always start with a little and add more as needed.

  5. Clean your cleaning supplies. When was the last time you replaced your duster? If you cannot remember it is time for a new one. Same goes for cleaning your vacuum cleaner. You can only clean well if you have clean tools.

  6. Clean your fridge regularly. Make it a habit to clean your fridge out at least once a week. If your fridge is overstuffed make a list of what you have in it that you can hang on it’s door.

  7. Put paper in its place. Paper is a sneaky little dust magnet. Receipts, bank statements, bills, we all have that one pile that just sits there. We say we will clean it one day but we know that day never comes. Make a note to clean any loose paper (file it, throw it out).

  8. Clean without distractions. We all get distracted when we are doing things we normally don’t like doing (like cleaning). To ensure you are efficient as possible remove all distractions. Consider putting your phone on airplane mode, blasting some tunes, and getting it done.

  9. Make good habits and keep them. After you have cleaned your home and put everything back where it belongs, it all looks so clean and neat - make sure to keep it that way! When coming in the door, hang your jacket where it belongs (same for your keys), and don’t just kick your shoes off. By keeping your home organized from the second you are done cleaning, the longer it will stay clean.

  10. Take care of small tasks when you have the time. The golden rule should be that it takes you less than 5 minutes to complete and you have 5 free minutes, do it. This can be unloading the dishwasher, washing dishes, wiping down the counter/stover, or sorting the laundry. By creating this habit, when it comes to a weekly clean it will not seem so daunting.

Cleaning may seem never ending but we hope the tips we have shared with you make it a bit easier - you got this!