How Do You Hire the Laundry Fairy?

September 13, 2012

Is there ever a day without laundry?

And if you are not actively engaged in washing, is there ever a day when you don't think about the laundry that is piling up and needs to be done?

Seriously, where does it come from? Now, let me think…

  • Your baby is teething and needs 5 changes a day
  • Your toddler is into everything and potty training is not going so well
  • Your tween wears their clothes for 15minutes and they end up in a pile on the floor
  • Your husband missed the "I can pick up my clothes and wear things twice seminar"
  • You do not feel comfortable asking your housekeeper to wash the family clothes
  • Your dog has eaten something he shouldn't have and there have been multiple clean-ups

And then, we have to consider that mothers do need to wear clothes and to look professional going to work. Outcome, personal laundry.

And on…and on…. and on….Such an emotional roller coaster.

Consider this scenario. Saturday morning, jaw set in a determined way, you collect all the laundry…line up your cleaning products (dark wash detergent, stain removers, whitening gel…) and systematically you work your way through this Herculean job. Elated that you are done, you fold the clean clothes into the appropriate baskets and heave a huge sigh of relief. You were up to the challenge…you have done it…the laundry is done!!

But, as always, with all absorptive tasks, this is a fleeting elation. Come Monday morning your 13 year old announces, "I have nothing to wear. You didn't wash my favourite jeans"! Is there a laundry fairy out there?