How Much Does a House Cleaner Cost in Chicago?

December 19, 2019

Not everyone has the time, energy, or ability to clean their home themselves. That’s where housekeepers can come in handy. But how much does a housekeeper actually cost?

In Chicago, the cost of a housekeeper typically ranges between $21 – $27 per hour. Here are the average costs for each of the top five housekeeper categories:

  1. house cleaners tend to charge an average of $21.99 per hour
  2. agencies charge an average of $22.44 per hour
  3. apartment cleaners look for roughly $23.84 per hour
  4. professional cleaners seek $23.83 per hour
  5. cleaning services charge $22.04 per hour


What affects the cost of house cleaning services?

In general, house cleaners should be paid at least minimum wage for their state. In Chicago, that means $8.25 per hour. But if the minimum wage is the requirement, then why are the average prices nearly double that? Well, it all boils down to exactly what they do.

Cleaning homes is hard work, which is why the minimum wage is simply the minimum. Housekeepers can spend multiple hours doing physical labor in a home, so it’s only fair that they’re paid accordingly. There are multiple reasons why housekeeper costs can vary. Below are just a few of the key factors:

  1. Square-footage. The bigger your home, the more there is to clean. If you have a large home, it will take more time and effort to clean. As a result, the housekeeper cost will rise.

  2. Average cleaning time. If you only need someone in for an hour, chances are you’ll be paying a lot more per hour for it than if they are needed for a longer period of time. Short jobs may not require as much work, but housekeepers are losing out on potential income based on travel time to and from your home.

  3. Location. How far you are from a housekeeper can definitely play a role in the cost of cleaning. If a housekeeper is required to drive or take transit to your home, they are using their own funds to do this. House cleaning costs may rise to offset the travel costs of cleaners.

  4. Specialization. If you require a particular type of cleaning—like carpet or attic cleaning—it may mean bringing in a specialist. House cleaning specialists may charge more because they have to bring special equipment or a particular job requires specific care.

  5. Frequency of cleaning. How often you clean can really affect the price. If you only clean your home once a month, bringing in a housekeeper for a one-time clean will cost you more as there is a month’s worth of cleaning to catch up on. The frequency at which you bring in a housekeeper can also affect your costs as one-off visits tend to cost more than regularly scheduled cleaning.

  6. Housekeeper’s experience. How many years a housekeeper has been cleaning is one of the primary causes of price fluctuation. Just like in any job, the longer you work in it, the more you expect to be paid. Housekeeping is no different. If you want someone with 10 or more years of experience, expect to pay for it.


What are the 5 different types of cleaning services?

There are actually many different forms of housekeeping — all of which impact the going rate of house cleaning. Housekeepers may specialize in different areas, which means that different skills are required for each type of cleaning. So what are the different types of housekeepers?

House Cleaners

House cleaners are individual housekeepers that usually work on their own as opposed to part of a business or operation. Housekeepers who specialize in this often have their own equipment and travel to each booking with their own supplies. House cleaners are the most common as the term encompasses all types of cleaning under one umbrella. Skill levels for housekeepers do vary, so be sure to have a good understanding of their previous experience before agreeing on a price.

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Housekeeping Agencies

Agencies are housekeeping companies with a host of cleaners at their disposal. They are often able to dispatch cleaners quickly and may or may not have teams of housekeepers assigned to each job to improve efficiency. Agencies are generally bonded, insured, or both, which provides an extra layer of protection for both themselves and their clients. They also tend to offer more in terms of quality control, meaning that the clean you get will often be better than if you are hiring an independent housekeeper. Agencies often have higher house cleaning prices as they have business fees and other overhead costs to manage as well.

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Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaners are housekeepers who specialize in small-space cleaning or general room-cleaning. Whether you need a full top-to-bottom or simple spot clean, they are able to work around furniture, decorations, and other household items to ensure the perfect clean in any given room. Apartment cleaners are usually mid-range in terms of house cleaning cost, which is based on their specialized ability to clean apartments and pay close attention to details in each room.

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Professional Cleaners

Professional cleaners are like a cross between agencies and general house cleaners. They are usually self-employed and work on their own, but make their living cleaning full-time. Professional cleaners are more likely to seek long-term contracts as it keeps their workload consistent. They also tend to have completed criminal record checks and are able to provide this upon request. Based on their experience level, they often charge on par with agencies.

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Cleaning Services

Housekeepers who offer cleaning services are generally specialized in individual areas of a home. They also clean other areas but tend to put a special emphasis on bathroom, kitchen, attic, or basement cleaning as well as services like pet hair removal and appliance cleaning. Cleaning service providers will be well-equipped to tackle disaster zones in your home as they pay special attention to cleaning highly cluttered and often underlooked areas. Because of their specialized skills, they often charge slightly more per hour as the jobs are often tougher.

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Why do you need a housekeeper?

Chances are you’ve let cleaning slide at least once or twice in your life. We all get busy, and for most, doing the cleaning yourself is low on the priority list. There are many benefits to hiring a housekeeper, which is why it’s important to understand what they can do for you.

Housekeepers, first and foremost, are committed to cleaning. Unlike the average person, they thrive in clutter and chaos and are able to set things right. Not only that, but they also have the time and energy to do it. When you get busy, housekeepers are there to keep things the way they should be and will do so without complaint.

Additionally, house cleaners come prepared. Most have their own tools and equipment, so hiring a housekeeper can save you from having to buy that $500 vacuum you only pull out before guests arrive.

Housekeepers also come with cleaning experience. They know the tricks of the trade and can use their skills to clean much faster and more effectively. They’ve also seen it all, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about your mess. Chances are, they’ve seen worse.

So, with all of this information at your fingertips, one question still remains: are you ready to hire a housekeeper today?

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