Hire A Male Housekeeper? I Think Not!

July 11, 2012

My response to this question to hire a male housekeeper or not was immediate! My knee-jerk reaction? Maybe!

Let me analyse my thoughts, keeping in mind that we all base our present decisions on the past life experiences.

Unfortunately, in all my years of cohabitation with a member of the opposite sex, I never had a partner who really understood the concept of ‘clean’.

  • The toilet seat does lift up.
  • Under the bed is still part of the floor.
  • Nick-knacks do move.
  • Sorting laundry involves colour from white not shirt from pants.
  • Unlike a sports event, cleaning is not a race against time.

Now to be fair, this is just my experience. I have many female friends who tell me marvellous stories of the wonderful cleaning exploits of their husbands. One described at length of how her husband, when cleaning the bathroom, stripped right down to his boxers for the task, and even wiped the walls! Things that dreams are made of!

Another friend of mine suggested that my partner deliberately did an inadequate job when cleaning because he hated doing it and he knew me. I am impatient and like things done ‘now’ and ‘right’. Given those traits, it is not long before I take over the cleaning tasks myself.

All of this is sounding very negative, but my position, fair or not, does not waver. If asked if I would hire a male housekeeper, the answer would be ‘no’!

I am unsure if this is sexist or sound thinking!

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