Help! I Love My Pet But Hate the Smell!

December 20, 2012

How do I make my home smell free?

Over the years, as loving pet owners, we all have cleaned up a lot of messes and tried to stay on top of the odour. But we are always looking for more effective and faster ways to keep our homes pet smell-free.

You've got to have the right supplies and have them handy!

The following are essential:

• Bleach(dilute one half cup to a gallon of water) for disinfecting

• Old towels and was clothes

• An enzymatic cleaner for neutralizing odours

• Baby wipes

• Pet shampoo (regular and dry)

• Vacuum/spot scrubber for rugs

Time is not your friend with pet messes…the faster you move the better chance you have of a good result. Get on it immediately: Pick up what you can, blot off the liquid elements(one of the most important things), then get the enzymatic cleaner working. If you can’t clean right away, spray water to keep the problem area moist. Cover with plastic wrap and a heavy book over the spot to further blot.

Don't wait to clean the kitty litter or scoop in the back yard. The sooner that you do this routine tidy up, the better will be your constant pleasant odour free environment.

Don't wait for a disaster to freshen up the areas where your pet spends the most time. Couches, rugs and beds where your animals hang out should be cleaned on a regular basis. Once these areas start to smell, you may have already lost the battle.

You must not ignore your pet either. Just as we need to bathe, there are certain healthy routines that should be adhered to with your pet. Dogs need shampooing(wet or dry), cats and dogs need brushing, and all of your pets can always use a quick touch-up with a baby wipe. For many of your pets, a tidy hair cut can help with shedding issues.

There is no doubt that keeping your home pet odour free can involve time and energy. Sometimes you feel that you are really keeping ahead of it and sometimes not.

We would never trade our pets for a clean home, but with can have them both.