What is the Cost of a Housekeeper vs House Cleaning Service?

June 9, 2016

Most people would agree that it is a really wonderful feeling to come home to a freshly cleaned home. Keeping up with cleaning demands can be very difficult for the average family. Many times families look to housekeepers for help. Generally, a housekeeper does dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of bathrooms, and cleans the kitchen. Deep cleaning, like washing out a stove, and washing windows, is usually not included in general cleaning duties and is not included in the costs discussed below.

House Cleaning Service vs Housekeeping

There are two types of house cleaning a family can hire:

  1. Cleaning company/ maid service
  2. Individual Housekeeper

The cost of these services differs greatly. Let’s compare the differences between the two and the typical cost.

Cleaning Service / Cleaning Company

Many families, that don’t want the hassle of managing their own cleaning, will turn to a cleaning company. Cleaners are employees of the cleaning companies and are advertised as being screened and bonded. Cleaning companies will often come to your home in advance and access your needs to give you a quote. The size of the home, standard vs eco-friendly cleaning products, pets, difficult areas to clean, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and surfaces to be cleaned will all play a factor in the estimate of the costs.

How Much Does a House Cleaning Service Cost?

$25 - $65 per cleaner per hour

House cleaning services range in price from $25 - $65 per cleaner, per hour. Remember, in most situations, these companies will send more than one person to your home.

Individual Housekeepers

Many housekeepers offer services on a self-employment basis. They may clean a few homes a day on their own. They are often not bonded, but families can ask if they would complete a criminal record check (especially if you are providing them with a key to your home).

How Much Does a Housekeeper Cost?

$15 - $40/hour (smaller cities less, larger cities more)

Individual cleaners often charge less than cleaning companies. Sometimes, they prefer to be paid in “cash” each time they clean your home. Most do not charge taxes. The rate is often determined by the area that you live in, but can range from $15 - 25 per hour in towns and small cities, to $25 - $40 in larger cities. You are fully in charge of determining how well they have done and providing them with feedback on how well they have done.

Are Housekeepers & Cleaning Services Cheaper Than You Thought?

Many people are surprised to see that paying to have someone professionally clean your home is more affordable than they imagined, particularly when you look at much your time is worth and what you could be doing in place of cleaning.

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