Clutter and Your Emotional Health

December 12, 2012

How attached are you to your stuff?

How much stuff do you have? Have you taken an honest look lately at what you own and thought about how it makes you feel and why you keep it?

According to the authorities on the matter, your clutter can be very destructive as the reasons that you keep things, and often too many things, can be very negative.

Do you keep things simply out of guilt because someone gave them to you?

Or are you a 'just in case' kind of hoarder, who keeps things for years, unused, just in case you might need them some day and may not be able to afford them again?

Perhaps you have a collection of stuff from past unhappy relationships. These can prevent you from moving ahead emotionally, and as well can cause you to relive unhappy memories.

Are you a compulsive buyer…addicted to sales and bargains without a real need for the items? These items just add further congestion and clutter to your home.

Sometimes we fill our homes with stuff because we want to impress people. You feel that your self worth is reflected by your possessions. Often these are things you don't even like!

Maybe shopping is a quick fix for you when you are feeling unhappy. This can quickly turn to guilt when you realize that you have purchased things you do not need and could not afford.

Whatever the reason, purge the clutter. Organizing, caring for, storing, paying for them, insuring them, worrying about damage and theft, scolding kids to take care of; owning possessions can be very stressful.

By uncluttering your home, you can also unclutter your mind and emotions - feel more whole and healthy. When your home is tidy and purged, your life can feel more balanced.