10 Cleaning Hacks That Don't Actually Work

June 8, 2018

Who doesn’t like to have a neat and clean house?

The dusty furniture, dirty kitchen and messy sinks can be always something miserable to us.


So, to give our house an immaculate look, we take the best possible strides always. However, what we think as best can sometimes be actually just the opposite. There are many such cleaning hacks which are nothing but just myths. They don’t work at all!

To ensure that you don’t get trapped into any such fallacy, here I am with a helping hand for you. Ten of such popular yet illogical and unworthy cleaning hacks are mentioned below:

1. Hair Spray: stain removal

Gone are the days when the hair sprays used to contain alcohol as a major constituent. They are no longer the same. The latest hair sprays in the market are not actually containing a significant amount of alcohol. So, if your mum has told you about this hack, remember it is not 1960s anymore!

So, this hack is not worthy enough now. Instead, if you go for this trick, it can be quite terrible to your favourite fabrics.

What works?

Check out here to figure out how you can really get rid of the dark ink stains on fabrics.

2. Hot Water: Germ Killer

If you have been thinking till now that hot water can kill all the bacteria present in any contaminated surface, you are wrong! It takes an extremely high temperature of water i.e., 212 degrees F and the infected surface to be exposed for a long time to actually kill the germs.

However, most of the water heaters in the houses are set to only 120 degrees F. So, if you think that only hot water will do, you are being absurd!

What works?

In case, you’ve prepared raw meat or fish in your kitchen or you’ve sensed any other probable reason of besmirching, incorporate a disinfectant like chlorine bleach, phenyl solution etc. in your cleaning regimen. It will definitely help you!

3. Coca-Cola: A great toilet cleaner

Carbonated drinks are there to drink with your chicken or fries, they are not a cleaning agent. Although a little amount of citric and phosphoric acids can slowly remove the stains, even one litre of coca cola will not be enough to kill the bacteria. Rather, it will leave a sticky residue on the surface of the toilet which will act as nothing but the food for the bacteria.

What works?

The effective disinfecting toilet cleaners are far better.

4. Extra Detergent: Cleaner clothes

When it comes to cleaning laundry, more is not always better! So, if you have been thinking that extra detergent will clean your clothes in an extra effective way, that’s not right! Rather, if you add unnecessarily more detergent, it will be harder to rinse and get rid of the complete stickiness. Moreover, any remaining detergent will even work as a magnet for all the germs. Finally, the clothes will turn out to be extremely dull.

What works?

Don’t think that extra detergent will be better. Rather, you should use premium quality cleaner for washing your clothes. Also, don’t forget to follow the instructions given in the packet of the detergent and weigh the powder correctly.

5. Microwave: Sanitizing cleaning sponges

Although you might think that the bacteria which remain present in the sponges will be killed by the heat of the microwave, it is not true. In fact, even after you do that, 40% of the germs will still thrive.

What works?

One of the best alternatives can be using clothes made up of cotton or microfibre. If you do so, you will be able to wash the clothes properly after each and every use!

6. Lemon Juice: Eliminate container stains

Not at all! Lemon juice seems to be very ineffective on plastics. So, if you even leave it to set for 24 hours, there will be no difference. The stains in the containers will still remain the same. Lemon is for a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade, it is certainly not for cleaning!

What works?

Just click here to find out one of the best ways to remove the unwanted dark stains from plastic containers.

7. Banana Skin: Shoe polishing

No! Everything in the world can’t be used. After you eat your banana, it’s better to throw away the skin. It can never shine your shoes. The potassium content present in it might act as a significant nutrient for the human body, yet it is certainly not a cleaner. Above that, the stringy skin of banana will leave your shoes to be less shiny.

What works?

It’s better to get the job done by the right thing. Yes! It is nothing but the famous shoe cleaner from Kiwi. If you want to save your bucks while purchasing this amazing shoe polish, grab an exciting deal from the websites like Dealslands.co.uk.

8. Mouthwash: Cleaning washing machine

It is one of the most ridiculous cleaning hacks that you can ever come across. C’mon! Your washing machine is not similar to your mouth.

So, how is it possible?

What works?

How you can wash your washing machine flawlessly is nothing but using the commercial bleaches available in the market.

9. Tomato Sauce: Polishing silver

Tomato sauce is just great for its taste and nothing else! You might have heard that the acetic acid present in its lifts the shine of silver, it’s absolutely wrong. All that it can do is just leaving your silver to be sticky and filthy.

What works?

If you end up using a polish cloth instead, it will be more environment-friendly and effective of course.

10. Vinegar: Removal of water rings on the wooden table

Undoubtedly, vinegar can act as an excellent cleaning agent. Howbeit, not everywhere! When it comes to removing the water rings on your wooden tea table, it won’ t work. Also, the acetic acid present in the vinegar seems to be harmful to the furnished polish of the wooden furniture.

What works?

Let the water rings don’t form to destroy the look of your stunning wooden table. Simple! Just buy some attractive coasters to avoid that. You don’t have to altogether clean at all!

So, these are some of the most humorous cleaning hacks which are present around! Don’t fall for them and instead opt for the smart approaches to do your daily cleaning work.