Top 10 Benefits of Housekeepers for Empty Nesters

May 20, 2016

Decades ago, a housekeeper was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford or envision. These days, hiring a housekeeper can bring many added benefits to baby boomers who’ve reached early retirement, as well as parents who’s children have finally left home. In this article, we’ll look at ways in which a housekeepercan help use make our lives easier — Believe it or not, hiring a housekeeper is no longer exclusively for celebrities on reality TV.

Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper for Empty Nesters

A professional housekeeper provides recently retired professionals with more time and helps makes their lives easier. Parents who find themselves with an empty household will want to pursue other activities — cleaning the house is the last thing they want to be concerned with.

Housekeepers make your life easier. How? We’ve expanded on a list first created by

Top 10 Reasons Empty Nesters Hire Housekeepers

1. Busy Schedule

Recent retirees and parents may find themselves with new responsibilities, businesses ventures or endeavors they could not pursue in the past. A housekeeper is a resource that provides you with time. You have the choice, clean or spend your precious hours involved in things that you enjoy.

2. Focus

Cleaning the house provides you with one less thing you need to worry about. A clean home can help you focus on other more important matters.

3. A Clean Home

A housekeeper that fits your schedule ensures that you come home to a clean dwelling place. One less thing for you to worry about.

4. Regularity and Consistency

A professional worker that fits into your schedule will clean your environment and basically make your life more manageable.

5. Easy to find takes the difficulting out of finding local housekeepers The extensive database of cleaners make it easy to find the type of cleaner you need in your area. The goal of the service is to be the catalyst to pair families and individuals with accomplished cleaning professionals near you.

6. Reliability

You can count on a paid professional to deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning. Those dust bunnies that tend to accumulate overtime won’t stand a chance.

7. Experience

A professional will have house cleaning experience and they can provide you with advice and recommendations in order to ensure that the cleaning is well done, but also seek ways to make your life better, possibly offering better cleaning solutions.

8. Expertise

Believe it or not, professional cleaners have the right tools for the job. A novice cleaner may think that they’re doing a good job, but in fact, they may be damaging surfaces with harmful chemicals and exposing themselves and love ones to harmful toxins.

9. Professional Equipment

An experienced housekeeper is going to use more than a sponge. Ask your housekeeper what equipment they use for every job.

10. Custom Cleaning

A professional cleaner is going to not only clean your home, but devise a plan that fits into your vision of health and cleanliness.

Which Houskeeper Should You Hire and How?

We’ve outlined reasons why empty nesters may want to hire a cleaner, now you have to make the decision: “Which housekeeper do I hire?” One of the benefits of is that our network links you to a number professional housekeepers in your area. You can view their experience and once you’re in contact with them, you can ask for references, which you should definitely check to ensure that they are legitimate.