Are You Hoarding? Just Learn to Let it Go

September 10, 2013

Let's be honest. We are all guilty of it to some extent... hoarding... or euphemistically expressed... saving our 'precious' things.

Now I can already hear the protests and arguments spilling out. "Not me!" " What I save is irreplaceable". " I save only what is necessary". " I might need it some day". 'It will fit when I lose ten pounds".

I know this because I do this, but gradually, oh so gradually, I am changing. And that is a very good thing. There are many factors triggering my change: children who are minimalists that lead by example, a house large enough to house 8 adults but instead is inhabited by one 14 year old cat and me, a recent illness that left we with nightmares of my children's horror when they came to clean out my home.

Whatever the impetus... I have started, and it feels good. And where do most people start... with their clothes closet and believe me, it is tough. I have clothes that were my mother's- beautiful suits and blouses... relics of a more 'gentile' age. The fabrics are exquisite and far beyond my means, but these do not now and will never fit me. That is the brutal truth. So they have been lovingly packed up and left home.

It was a huge hurdle and has made the rest of my closet 'purging' easy by comparison. Faded khakis, old favourite t's, clothes no longer needed as I have retired from teaching and training, are flying out the door. The remarkable thing that happens, once you experience this new-found lightness, is that you get a little careless.

Just last week I was looking for a lovely fuchsia blouse that was fairly new and did look quite lovely on me, if I do say so myself, only to realize that it was now in residence at The Salvation Army thrift store. Whoops! Never mind, I am sure it will thrill someone else when they try it on.

My getting control of my home and de-cluttering is definitely a work in progress, and I will be writing updates as I move from challenge to challenge. But after a lifetime of collecting, I have to admit that my new mantra to keep what I need and use, is feeling good.

Without sounding too ridiculous I am actually revealing in the space I am creating and the control I am feeling. It has the wonderful spill-over effect of making me feel calm-Nirvana!