Talma Shelton

I need my house CLEANED this FRIDAY afternoon. ..

Housekeeper Job

Looking within 25 miles of Fort Worth, TX.

Housekeeper Job in Fort Worth

Ok, here's the deal. I'm dealing with the loss of my husband and have really let my house go. I need a real good cleaning and some light organization. NO FRIDGE, NO OVEN, NO DISHES. Just basic cleaning PLUS some folding of clothes. So as for a detailed list of what i need done....2bathrooms~kitchen floors (ill do the rest)~2bedrooms (PLUS under the beds). All floors and baseboards cleaned. Dusting of everything. I live in the country so things get dusty fast: ( Please contact me with a detailed list of your services and rates. ..Also your availability for Friday afternoon. Thanks n i look forward to meeting you!!

Housekeeper Job Details

Email Address … Confirmed
Phone Number 817-770-6…
Services Required Bathroom
General Room Cleaning
Cabinet Cleaning
Surface Polishing
Wall Washing
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