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Is Hiring a Housekeeper an Obscene Luxury?


I have had a housekeeper for years, but I wasn't always comfortable with it. I now acknowledge that she is probably partly responsible for keeping my marriage together. Those wonderful days when I come home from work and the house smells clean and everything is tidy has saved my sanity.

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36 Housekeeper Interview Questions

General background of the candidate What is your concept of a clean house? What are your hobbies and interests? What do you consider to be your greatest strengt...

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How to Conduct a Good Phone Interview

Finding the right housekeeper begins with a good phone interview. On you have seen several very promising ads, so now it is time to make the first contact with these candidates ...

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You’ve worked a full eight-hour day at the office, and now you want to relax and spend time with the family. But the dishes need to be done and the floors should be vacuumed-what to do? Housekeeper...

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Cheap and Effective-- Cleaning With Vinegar

When I open the doors under my kitchen sink it is mind--boggling how many different cleaning products are there. Many are green, some aren't: some work well, some don't. The labels are colourful and enticing with huge promises as to their efficacy. They convinced me--they are under my sin...

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My Favourite Housekeeper Just Quit!

One of the nightmares of a busy family is finding excellent help and then when you are completely dependent on their support, having them quit. Our first reaction is ofter anger, "how dare they!" Then a sense of loss sets in and hopefully some reflection as to why they left. Although...

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Live-in Housekeepers - In Demand

Do you have what it takes to be a live-in housekeeper? Had you ever thought of this as your career? Do you even know what this employment entails? Let's take a look at it. So many households are in hyper-gear. They are too busy and their lives are two complicated. Because of this they are n...

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Qualities of a Great Housekeeper

Hiring just the right housekeeper can be life-altering for the busy family. Now this may seem to be a little over-the-top, but I am serious. Think about your life-whether single, a couple or a family-you have no time. No time to keep your home as organized or clean as you would like. No time to d...

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