Hamida Ibradzic

Experenced Housekeeper!


Looking within 25 miles of Ballwin, MO.

Housekeeper in Ballwin

Full-Time, 2 Years of Experience I do vacuuming, dusting, swiffering, sweeping, scrubbing, clean and disinfect bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas; clean outside of appliances and inside microwaves and refrigerators; prepare light meals; and empty trash/recycling. I also organize, restock items, fold laundry and put in appropriate areas; clean litter boxes and feed/water cats/dogs. I have two years of experience in housekeeping. I also have good references and a clean record. I am an independent, responsible, loyal, trustworthy, energetic person. I pay attention to detail. You will be pleased with my services. I will take care of your house and you will love the end result. I enjoy what I do and I like to see my customers happy. Please call for an interview.

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Email Address … Confirmed
Phone Number 314-221-3… Confirmed
Type of Provider Individual
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