36 Housekeeper Interview Questions

By Kathy Green
36 Housekeeper Interview Questions
General background of the candidate
    • What is your concept of a clean house?
    • What are your hobbies and interests?
    • What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?
    • What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
    • What are your most significant accomplishments?
    • Do you have a current position and why do you want to leave?
    • What are your expectations for your next position?
    • What are your long-range goals?
Housekeeping and You
    • Why did you choose to become a housekeeper?
    • What qualities do you have that make you a good housekeeper?
    • What do you enjoy about looking after a home?
    • Can you tolerate heights?
    • How many years of experience do you have with house cleaning?
    • Do you have experience with outdoor cleaning?
      • Will you wash windows inside and/or out?
      • Can you and would you be willing to use power washing equipment for windows, etc.
    • Do you believe in the value of using green products?
    • Are you knowledgeable about the treatment of different countertops (marble, granite,etc.)
    • Do you supply your own cleaning materials?
      • rags
      • gloves
      • mops
    • Are there particular cleaning products that you feel are superior and/or cost efficient?
    • What do you find the most challenging/interesting part of house cleaning?
    • Do you have any pet allergies?
    • Are you willing to work in a home with a dog and/or cat?
    • Are you willing to work in a home with a smoker?
    • Are you willing to work while the owners are home?
    • What are your expectations regarding the condition of the house when you arrive?
      • clutter on the floor
      • dishes in the sink
    • Are you willing to do laundry/ironing?
    • Will you clean large appliances inside and out?
Talents/Skills of Candidate
    • Do you know how to make homemade cleaning products?
    • Do you consider yourself a physically strong person able to cope with the challenges of heavy cleaning?
    • Do you keep records of necessary tasks done daily, weekly, and monthly in each client's house.
    • Are you thorough in your cleaning?
      • move furniture and objects when vacuuming and dusting
      • dust baseboards
      • wipe pictures and/or light fixtures
Employment Details
    • When would you be available to start a new position?
    • What salary are you seeking?
    • Can you provide two current references with phone numbers?
    • How do you feel about a trial period; how long should this be?
    • What hours do you expect to work each week or bi-weekly?
    • What are your holiday expectations?
    • Would you be willing to sign a contract?
Concluding Remarks
    • What would you like to say about yourself and this position to conclude this interview?